"A Thing Of Beauty" The Sir Henry March Mysteries by Bianca M Schwarz.PROLOGUE


“Oy, missy…”

Horace’s harsh voice came from behind her, raising the hair on the back of her neck. Eliza had made it to the top of the stairs that led to the back door but there was no way she would make it out now.

“Don’t ya run from me. I told ya t’ go pack yar crap. Wilkins will be ‘ere in an hour.”

With Horace breathing down her neck there was nothing to be gained by running. Eliza swung around to face him and did her best to stand her ground. “I told him no, and I’m telling you again: I’m not going with him!”

She braced for the backhand that was sure to follow her outburst. She didn’t have to wait long before pain exploded down the right side of her face, and she flew against the wall three steps behind her. God, how had her mother put up with this for six years?  continued


In Déjà You, five authors share stories of second chances, as varied in telling as the writers themselves.

Kelly Cain’s We’ll Always Have Oahu takes us on a whirlwind New Adult romance set in the 80s between a young woman on a high school graduation trip and a handsome Navy sailor.

Bianca M. Schwarz transports us to 1760 in The Pearl with the story of Marcus Landover, who attends a card party and ends up with more than he bargained for in the beautiful Sophia Chelmsford.

Amanda Linsmeier’s Joy and Sorrow reunites lovers separated by death in a Women’s Fiction tinged with the unusual.

The Eyes of the Heart by Jamie McLachlan gives us Rosalina, who is forced to confront her attraction and the truth about her blindness when a new gardener is hired at the Greystone house.  continued